Products & Services
Our products are specially made for various industrial. For example :
- Dust / Vane / High Abrasive
- Food Convey
- Air Tube
In our standard part, we have wide range of size, material and application to support for our customer requirement.
Our product are designed to serve in
- Easy and fast to install
- Adaptable to your existing ductwork
- Easy clean out
- Reusable
- Available in Steel and Stainless Steel.
Quick delivery, order tracking and low cost in overall ducting system.
The company is the "Expert in fabricating sheet metal with more than 30 years of experiences".
- The company can make customized parts, equipments by the process of cutting, folding, bending, welding, perforating, laser, shaping, assembling and coloring the sheet metal like iron and stainless steel.

- The company manufactures and sells welded pipe, elbow, Y-shape pipe (Branch), diverting valve, slide gate, hopper, reducer, stack, transition, cyclone, etc. and other products made of metals and stainless steel to be used in the rice mill sugar refinery, corn mill, coffee mill, animal feed mill, dust disposal and ventilation system.

- The company manufactures tailored made products made by metal to be used in the construction industry for instance portable stairs, drainage, and metal model.

- The company can design, manufacture and install structural work, and industrial machineries as required by the customers.
  Product Sample

• Accessories
• Machine Casing
• Custom Fabrication